The Cross & The Culture: Pornography | The Butterfly Effect

Pornography | The Butterfly Effect

We have certainly come to live in a strange world. Rap artist with misogynistic lyrics, Rock Stars with perverted music, and movie stars with depraved lifestyles set themselves up as moral authorities. It is no surprise then how widely accepted pornography has become. But, I wonder if the consumers of such lewd media of the baser sort have considered all that comes along with this perverted private sinful pleasure.


I have to warn you ahead of time, this will not be pleasant. While I have kept the language clean and certainly acceptable to today's standards by far, we will discuss some horrendous ideas, as such, adults should consider listening first before allowing children to hear this discourse.




Pornography is not only legal but highly unregulated. I don't say that assuming more regulation would solve the problem, but rather I find it odd very little has been done to curb this issue. Like alcohol, too many high powered players are participants and therefore unwilling to check their drug of choice. Recent Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is well known for his twisted perverted writings of sexual revolutions and rape fantasies. But Porn, a disgusting word to even mention, is harmful in ways drugs and alcohol have not. My intent with this first episode on the subject is to help consumers of pornography fully understand the world in which they have involved themselves. Pleasure seeking participants have, maybe unknowingly, helped enable what may be one of the world's most evil industries.


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