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The Cross & The Culture: Feminism | The Height Of Hypocrisy

October 5th, 2020

The Cross & The Culture: Feminism | The Height Of Hypocrisy


Overwhelmingly, the claims made in our day by feminists are patently false. As a result, men have become the target of gender condescension. The purpose of this, positive discrimination in one direction requires negative discrimination in the other direction. Thus unfounded claims by lewd and contentious women become the rally cries used to bring men low. The feminist claims that they are oppressed under some dominant male patriarchy is nothing more than Marxist propaganda by way of identity politics. Fortunately, the continual dripping which is the feminist movement has thus far been an abject failure. They have not ushered in their brave new society, they have failed even to gain the support of a large portion of women. In reality, most recently, they have managed to find themselves taking a backseat to men who claim to be women.


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