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The Cross & The Culture | An Enigma Of Perverse Worldviews

August 31st, 2020

An Enigma Of Perverse Worldviews



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An enigma faces the Western world, that of a solution for our tired, our wearied masses who congregate in our streets. How can it be the wealthiest country in the world is inundated with scores of people who view city streets as they view toilets. They are not politically oppressed people. They freely speak their minds, often in the vilest of manners. In reality, the cities where these miscreants congregate often pass city ordinances granting them special protection. It's almost as though they were some indigenous tribe who should have been recognized for their previous ownership of respective lands. Unfortunately, the businesses and homes in the area immediately lose any right to reasonable ownership and safety of their property. These people have no fear of political or governmental repercussions, indeed they can go quite far with their wretched behavior.

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