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The Cross & The Culture: Abortion | Death By Convenience

September 9th, 2020

Abortion | Death By Convenience


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By following biblical principles, we are encouraged to soberly consider clear scriptural instruction for life's direction. When clear and specific instruction isn't available, we examine the decision, subject, or person in light of the fruit they have produced over time. I submit that ample, clear instruction exists regarding perverted ideas like abortion. "Conservatives” and “republicans” struggle with this matter in terms of moral reasoning, but they have no basis for such reasoning. I encourage such an one to provide a standard of truth for these struggles, trust God, for the word of the Lord is right and all his works are done in truth. But, I do understand conservative Republicans and Christians are not the same. Considering that the word of God and loss of life are not enough to deter, I recommend abortion be examined based on its history and the fruit it produces.


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