Light In The dark Continent: Moffat | Assigned To Africa

Light In The Dark Continent: Moffat | Assigned to Africa



Through the course of life, the most insignificant events can determine great change. Robert Moffat was living and working in High Leigh. He would, from time to time make the trip from High Leigh to Warrington, which was about six miles away. The evening was beautiful and calm. As he rode in the way, Moffat's mind began to be consumed by thoughts of his God. He would notice the Lord's handiwork and how the heavens declare his glory. Moffat began to reflect on how the days of his youth had been evil. He understood his service to the world had been a severe waste of time that now needed to be faithfully redeemed. Moffat thought I must now serve him who died for me before now my life has had no purpose. But these thoughts were followed by ideas of impossibility. He thought, what little could I do? Saddened by the time wasted, Moffat found great pleasure in contemplating the future, a future dedicated to Christ.


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