Light In The Dark Continent: Missionary Mobilization

Light In The Dark Continent: Missionary Mobilization

The Quakers were a strict bunch, they tended towards rigidly structured societies. They were faithful to their way of life, implementing the rule of law. But, unfortunately, many of them came to be involved in the slave trade, a mistake staining their legacy. Eventually, the English Parliament decided to get themselves into the business of religion. Any church or pastor unwilling to conform to the Church of England would be subject to penalty. As a result, many Quakers became indentured servants in Barbados, others ended up on a colony in Pennsylvania. While there, the Quakers in tune with their sense of duty began to establish businesses. Over time the harsh penalties in London began to subside allowing the Quakers in Philadelphia to work with the Quakers in London. They established massively profitable trade between London and Pennsylvania. These businesses often directly or indirectly supported the ongoing slave trade.


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