Interview With A Bible Believer: Travis Alltop Part 1

Travis Alltop is the Pastor of Bluegrass Pike Baptist Church in Danville, Kentucky. Brother Alltop is known for his great musical ability and Bible preaching. He has a unique testimony that will prove to be entertaining and instructive. 


Interview questions: Travis Alltop


  1. What is your name and for what church are you the pastor? 
  2. Briefly tell us about the members of your immediate family (wife, children, etc.) 

Childhood/Early Life

  1. Where did you grow up? 
  2. What was life like as you grew up, childhood to teenage years?
  3. Did you grow up in a Christian home? 
  4. If not, what was the background of your early life?

Teenage years:

  1. Where you a rebellious or obedient teenager?
  2. Do you have any funny/memorable stories from high school?
  3. How did your teenage years prepare you for the future?

Adult Life:

  1. How did you meet your wife and tell us the story of what encouraged you to propose to her?
  2. At what point did music begin to play a key roll in your life?
  3. When and how did the guitar become your instrument of choice?
  4. How many hours a day were devoted to practice/play? 
  5. At what point did you break into the major country music scene?
  6. Was it difficult to give up that life, and why?


  1. At what age were you saved and how did you come to know the Lord? 
  2. How did you come to be in the ministry? 

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