Interview With A Bible Believer: Justin Wittlin

Plenteous Redemption

Interview With A Bible Believer: Justin Wittlin 


When I think of Justin Wittlin, I think of faithful Christian living. 

I had the tremendous blessing of sitting down with my good friend Justin Wittlin. I have often said, I don't believe it's possible to meet a better man than Justin Wittlin. The Bible says we are to be lovers of good men, and through the course of this interview, you will learn the amazing details that brought one of the best of men to the knowledge of the truth.



1. What is your name and what church do you attend? 

2. Briefly tell us about the members of your immediate family (wife, children, etc.) 


Childhood/Early Life: 

  1. Where did you grow up? 
  2. What was life like as you grew up, from childhood to teenage years?
  3. Did you grow up in a Christian home? 
    1. If not, what was the background of your early life?
  4. Throughout your childhood and teenage years, were you rebellious or obedient?
  5. You have a unique and "New Yorkish" relationship with your family, tell us a little about your parents and family background?


Adult Life:

  1. What direction did your life take after high school?
  2. You were involved quite a bit in business, how did that help you overall in life? 
  3. You and your wife Danielle were at very distant ends of the personality spectrum when you met, how did you meet her and elaborate on how different you were from each other? 
  4. You had a great experience as you began searching for truth, tell us about when you were baptized before you were saved? 



  1. At what age were you saved and how did you come to know the Lord? 
  2. You were in a unique situation with Kent Hovind after you trusted the Lord, can you tell a little about that? 
  3. How did you come across James Knox and the Bible Baptist Church?
  4. Back in tune with your faithful work ethic, you worked full time and attended the Deland School of The Bible, how did the Bible School help you? 
  5. Who in life has been your greatest influence?
  6. How does your daily life reflect your faith in Jesus Christ?
  7. What has the King James Bible meant to you in your life?


Final Questions: 

  1. What would you do differently if you could start all over?
  2. What advice would you give young people just starting the Christian life?


Funny Comparisons: 

- Call - Text 

- Book - eBook

- Email - Letter

- Driver - Passenger

- Coke - Pepsi 

- Cats - Dogs 

- Android - iOS 

- Sunrise - Sunset 

- Laundry - Dishes 

- Mornings - Nights 

- Coffee - Tea 

- Fruits - Veggies 

- Sweet - Salty 

- Mountains - Ocean 

- Africa - Asia 

- City - Country 

- Sarcastic - Serious



 From normal life as a teenager that excelled at whatsoever, he put his mind to, from a conservative business owner that stumbled upon a little light, to the prepper concerned the world would soon burn, eventually, his thirst and hunger for truth caused much light to break through the darkness.


As a result of our God's desire to give that light along with brother Justin's willingness to submit to that light, his sins were forgiven, he now has access to everlasting truth, and the body of Christ has added to its many members a faithful servant.


Thank you for listening, and God bless.


The Bible Baptist Church:

The Deland School of The BIBLE:

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