Interview With A Bible Believer: Jacob Rutledge | Escaping Debt

Jacob Rutledge | Escaping Debt


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The lives of far too many Americans are financial disasters. Decisions are not always made with the best interests in mind. People rarely make choices that are economically sound, nor do they show apprehension about spending money they do not have. The current bubble that is America, at least in theory, allows and even promotes such eccentric lifestyles. Living beyond means available to support feelings based on impulsive buying or trying to keep up with neighbors, who may be deeper in debt than is known. All with a vision and desire for financial freedom, people live in financial straight jackets, deep underwater holding their breath, and kicking their feet wildly to stay afloat. If these words characterize your life, then today's show is for you! Pastor Jacob Rutledge is here to discuss the principles of living a debt-free lifestyle!

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