Interview With A Bible Believer: Adam Wood | Missionary In Cambodia Part 1

Interview With A Bible Believer | Missionary Adam Wood



Interview With A Bible Believer: Adam Wood



  • What is your name and where do you serve Jesus Christ? 
  • Tell us about the immediate members of your family? 


Early Life:

  • Where did you grow up? 
  • What was life like for you as you grew up, what was the religious atmosphere? 
  • Were you a rebellious or obedient teenager?
  • Did you go to college or the military after high school?
  • Who was influential in your early life, in terms of preparing you for what would become your future?


Adult Life / Ministry:

  • At what age were you saved, and how did you come to know the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • How did you meet your wife, and how did you two come to be married?

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