Interview With A Bible Believer: Adam Wood | Missionary In Cambodia Part 2

Interview With A Bible Believer: Adam Wood




Adult Life / Ministry:

  • At what age were you saved, and how did you come to know the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • How did you meet your wife, and how did you two come to be married?
  • How did the Lord direct your life to Cambodia?
    • SC to Cambodia
  • How long have you been there, and describe to us what its like ministering to the Cambodian people?
  • How has the unique culture of Cambodia shaped your approach to missions in Cambodia?
  • From your perspective, what is the need in terms of laborers in Cambodia?
  • How does your daily life reflect your faith in Jesus Christ?


Comparison/Contrast Questions:

  • Call or Text?
  • Book or Ebook?
  • Coke or Pepsi?
  • Cats or Dogs?
  • Android or IOS?
  • Sunrise or Sunset?
  • Laundry or Dishes?
  • Mornings or Nights?
  • Coffee or Tea?
  • Fruits or Vegetables?
  • Sweet or Salty?
  • Mountains or Oceans?
  • Africa or Asia?
  • City or Country?
  • Serious or Sarcastic?

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