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Interview With A Bible Believer: Andy Leftwich Part 1

Friday Oct 23, 2020

Interview With A Bible Believer: Andy Leftwich Part 1   My sins were forgiven and my soul was saved in 2010 when I made the ever-important decision to trust in the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.   From that time until now, the Lord has allowed me to meet many incredible people within the Bible-Believing world. Not least of which is Andy Leftwich. He is a child prodigy who went on to play the fiddle professionally from a very young age. Eventually, the Lord began to deal with his heart regarding his faithfulness to the Lord. Andy made some very difficult decisions, decisions meant to please God rather than man.   To those of you with great musical talent, I pray this interview will greatly encourage you and help you in your service to Jesus Christ.   Learn More About Andy Leftwich: Four-time Grammy-winning instrumentalist Andy Leftwich began playing the fiddle at the age of six, entering his first contest at seven, and winning the National Championship for Beginners at the age of twelve. Adding mandolin and guitar to his arsenal, Andy began playing professionally at the age of fifteen. Since joining Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder in 2001, Andy has completed a solo album (“Ride”, Skaggs Family Records), recorded two critically acclaimed albums as a member of trio Three Ring Circle (with dobro player Rob Ickes and bassist Dave Pomeroy), and built an impressive list of studio credits, lending his talents to acts such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Keith, and Kristyn Getty, Dailey & Vincent, and many more. Most recently, he’s added “Producer” to his resume, with gospel group Point of Grace (“Directions Home”, Word Records). Andy lives in Carthage, Tennessee with his wife, Rachel.   Learn More About Plenteous Redemption:  

The Cross & The Culture: Feminism | The Height Of Hypocrisy

Monday Oct 05, 2020

The Cross & The Culture: Feminism | The Height Of Hypocrisy Overwhelmingly, the claims made in our day by feminists are patently false. As a result, men have become the target of gender condescension. The purpose of this, positive discrimination in one direction requires negative discrimination in the other direction. Thus unfounded claims by lewd and contentious women become the rally cries used to bring men low. The feminist claims that they are oppressed under some dominant male patriarchy is nothing more than Marxist propaganda by way of identity politics. Fortunately, the continual dripping which is the feminist movement has thus far been an abject failure. They have not ushered in their brave new society, they have failed even to gain the support of a large portion of women. In reality, most recently, they have managed to find themselves taking a backseat to men who claim to be women.   To learn more about Plenteous Redemption:

Interview With A Bible Believer | Missionary David Gates

Friday Oct 02, 2020

Interview With A Bible Believer | Missionary David Gates Interview With A Bible Believer: David Gates Questions: What is your name and where do you serve Jesus Christ?  Briefly tell us about the immediate members of your family?    Early Life: Where did you grow up?  What was life like for you as you grew up, what was the religious atmosphere?  Were you a rebellious or obedient teenager? Who was influential in your early life, in terms of preparing you for what would become your future?I recall there was a certain man your mom would have come and speak to you regarding salvation and the lack of spiritual direction in your life, can you elaborate on that for us? How did your teenage years prepare you for the future?   Adult Life / Ministry: At what age were you saved, and how did you come to know the Lord Jesus Christ? How did you meet Mrs. Beth and convince her to marry you? How did you come to be a missionary in Egypt? How long were you there, and tell us a little about the men you trained and the church you planted? Since that time, you now have some new direction in terms of ministry, tell us about the vision the Lord has given you for Dearborn, Michigan?  How does your daily life reflect your faith in Jesus Christ? You have been in the ministry in some capacity now for more than ten years, what advice would you give young people that have a desire to serve God?Accountability mingled with love The pressure to get saved, not falsely reassuring professions Maranatha Baptist Virginia Austin Gardner - our generation   Comparison/Contrast Questions: Call or Text? Book or Ebook? Coke or Pepsi? Cats or Dogs? Android or IOS? Sunrise or Sunset? Laundry or Dishes? Mornings or Nights? Coffee or Tea? Fruits or Vegetables? Sweet or Salty? Mountains or Oceans? Africa or Asia? City or Country? Serious or Sarcastic?

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