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Moravian Missions:

From Prince Henry the Navigator's great explorations that led Europe to Africa. To a providential conversation between a freed slave and Count Zinzendorf of Saxony. We trace Europe's involvement in Africa which eventually opened doors for missionaries to spread light across the dark continent. As the 1700s close out, the missionary movement begins to take full form and shape. We end with the birth of Robert Moffat, the faithful missionary that gave his all in South Africa.

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Addiction & Withdrawal


Homeostasis is defined: metabolic equilibrium actively maintained by several complex biological mechanisms that operate via the autonomic nervous system to offset disrupting changes. Though these biological mechanisms are complex, they are very real. Introducing change to this system can and undoubtedly will cause some sense of withdrawal. Many foods, drinks, and substances can trigger such a change. A Person that drinks large amounts of coffee suddenly stops drinking that coffee, these biological mechanisms go through a change and small scale withdrawals will be felt. Withdrawal from substance abuse is very real, in the sense that long term use of a particular drug will bring about temporary bodily discomfort that resembles illness. But, is fear of withdrawal a valid excuse to continue a life of addiction?


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Part 2 of the interview with James W Knox: 


In the second half of our internet, the conversation shifts to more relevant topics regarding our day. The internet, its blessings, and its curses. How far should we, as Christians, take developing an online presence for the purposes of ministry? What are the inherent dangers, and are the dangers worth the risk? 

With the explosion of online media comes the clash between world views. By 2020 our country appears to be deeply divided, socialism is on the rise, humanism is a new religion, and post-modernism is the predominant philosophy. The socialist, or sub-rate communists on the junior varsity squad, humanist and post-modernist have joined efforts in hopes they can rule the airwaves. As a result, they have created what is commonly called "cancel culture." Any ideas dissenting from the approved malleable opinions of social justice warriors may be subject to cancellation. That is, these groups will team up to spread whatever harmful information necessary, in mass form, across the web, with the intent of damaging dissenters and tearing down their life, business, or platform.

You have not shied away from preaching clear biblical truth regarding some very controversial subjects: Abortion, homosexuality, socialism, communism, marriage, divorce, etc. As a result of such preaching, as well as our public presence in Central Florida, Bible Baptist has had protests organized against them in an attempt to remove public ministry from the streets of Deland, can you tell us a little about the most recent situation?

Are you concerned cancel culture will get wind of your growing online presence? In light of this, do you edit your video content in any way to prevent the possibility of an online attack? How does cancel culture's ability to shut people down online these days differ from the days of radio?  


The Dark Side of the Web:

As of 2019, there were 31 million YouTube channels (only channels with 10 subscribers or more were counted leaving an estimated 20 million uncounted). An average of 500 hours of video is uploaded every minute. More than five billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. More than 3.5 billion hours of watch time are recorded monthly on YouTube, and they have yet to surpass television. The average mobile user spends at least 40 minutes per day watching YouTube, and this number doubles on a yearly basis. 80% of YouTubes views come from outside the United States. The average American spends around ten hours per day interacting with a screen online. Do these numbers grieve you because of the time wasted or do they excite you as a potential outlet to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature?  


The first-ever highly publicized internet concern was the explosion of pornography. It's not only problematic from a biblical perspective, but the fruit it has borne is devastating. Every second, an estimated 28,000 people are watching porn in some form online. Every second, more than $3, 075 is being spent on pornography online. Every day there are an estimated 38 million porn-related searches, which makes up 25% of all searches online. 35% of all internet downloads are porn-related. More than 47% of American families report pornography has disrupted their home in some way. Pornography increases infidelity in marriage by an estimated 300%. I don't believe I can name any other advancement, such as the internet, that comes with such potential for greatness, but also comes with serious potential for danger. How do you as a Pastor help your people navigate such minefields, and what instruction would you give people listening to this Podcast to help them refrain from being counted amongst such troublesome numbers?


While I hesitate to end on that note, I do hope this conversation is sobering for God's people. The internet should not be your only means of Bible interaction. When not faced with a pandemic, we have the responsibility to assemble ourselves together with like-minded believers. Personal interaction with God's people through fellowship is an essential aspect of the Christian life. One we are desperately missing in our current distress. The internet is a wonderful tool, but it comes with serious potential dangers. Furthermore, it is not a suitable replacement for real-world interaction. 


The world has changed greatly since the days of radio preaching. Some of the changes have been beneficial and others have been detrimental. Yet, I have noticed lives that are built upon real physical relationships with real people seen in person on a regular basis are the strongest. Lives built-in virtual reality tend to shatter easily.

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Light in the Dark Continent: A Historical Narrative To South Africa

The historical narrative of European interaction in South Africa is of great value. As we venture into discussions regarding the work of missions in Africa, let us begin by exploring the rich mines of historical wealth.

In this episode, we make our way from the 1400s to the 1700s when light would finally begin to rise over the dark continent.

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Addiction vs Disease: Debilitating Terminology
If you have followed this series of podcasts thus far, you have learned of my distaste for the use of the term disease in reference to addiction. But, in my estimation, this idea needs to be thoroughly confronted if addicts are to receive the help they need. The assumption addiction can be approached as a disease dominates the rehabilitation industry. Experts on the subject, at least experts that are concerned with this approach, have suggested it will remain so due to functionality. That is, rehab centers understand they cannot prevent a person from doing what that person has decided.

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I had the rare and wonderful privilege of sitting down with Pastor James W Knox of the Bible Baptist Church in Deland, Florida. The topic for discussion was the progression from preaching on the radio to preaching on the internet. Brother James gives insightful and well-illustrated ideas regarding the positives and the negatives of this progression. I hope you will take some time to seriously consider this discussion, and let us know win the comments below where you stand on these ideas.

The Progression from Radio to Internet:
Technology has made rapid advancements over the past fifty years. The debate rages whether these advancements have been good or bad. Regardless, our lives have become engulfed in technology. To some extent, it has enriched our lives by providing great conveniences and ease of access to information. In many other ways, technology has certainly caused great harm.

In the 1950s technology began to advance greatly. Ideas considered to be sci-fi movie material began to take real form. In the 1950's technologies like credit cards, microchips, computers, fiber-optics, video recorders, satellite, and the transistor radio, among many others, were invented.

I have to admit technology is an interest of mine. I enjoy seeing the advancements that have been made and I appreciate a well-made powerhouse computer or smartphone. But, I am also acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with such computing power and the accesses it provides.

When I consider your background and your involvement in radio and now moving into the digital age of internet preaching. I wanted to speak with you about areas where this can help a ministry or a life excel and areas where such technologies may hinder or harm. I would also like people to learn how you progressed over the years and gain some insight into your willingness to adapt when necessary.

You started at a young age preaching on the radio, and your active participation on the radio over the years have been a staple aspect of your service to Jesus Christ.

How old were you when you began preaching on the radio and how did you get involved in doing so?

Who were your radio preacher heroes over the years?

Another major aspect of your ministry over the years has been recorded sermons, you started out recording on tapes and sending them around the world for free.

Was the tape ministry an offshoot of the radio ministry or was it the other way around?

My understanding is the tape ministry came about when the door of opportunity for you to be a missionary in Ghana, Africa closed, can you tell us a little about what happened?

The tape ministry then became the CD ministry - was that as notable a transition as the digital age has shown itself to be?

Over the years, recording on tapes, Compact Disc, and eventually writing and giving away books: you gained the help of many faithful church members to assist in these ministries, how essential has their help been to you?

The world around us views advancement in cavillation in terms of technology, they seem to completely disregard the increase in moral deficiency and lack of quality in education. They point to technological advancements as proof that man is somehow evolving into this wonderfully accomplished creature. As Bible-Believing Christians, we tend to be thorns in the world's side by way of introducing sobriety to various conversations. Our inability to simply join the crowd and praise man's accomplishments frustrates them. But there are valid concerns regarding technological advancements thereby causing us to come along in a slow and cautious manner.

I have often heard you lament the current state of radio preaching, where does it stand in our portion of Central Florida to date?

Make sure you check back for part two!

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David Brown: Youth Rally Dynamics

Welcome back to the Plenteous Redemption Podcast, I am excited about today's broadcast. I was able to sit down with Pastor David Brown just days before the Youth Rally at the Bible Baptist Church in Deland Florida. The Youth Rally at Bible Baptist is a big event each year and a wonderful opportunity to minister in a meaningful way to young people.

Brother David did cancel physical participation in the Youth Rally on location at Bible Baptist, but in keeping with the need to be creative in our current odd situation, it will be held online. Games and Preaching will be live-streamed, I encourage you all to check-in online and participate, especially if you have teenagers in your family. The dates are April 17th-18th. You can learn more by clicking the link in the description below.

The purpose of this interview is to display the importance of ministering to the next generation through the various dynamics available in a Youth Rally. My hope is, it will "rally" those of you interested in finding some way to reach the youth in your area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The Dark Continent:

Darkness is defined as the absence of light. Such a statement may seem, at first thought, commonplace. If that is so, why has Africa been so long regarded as the Dark Continent? Not due to darkened skin that covers beautiful faces, but rather spiritual darkness which covers the soul. Spiritual darkness would mean a lack of spiritual light, and no spiritual light means no access to Jesus Christ!


Africa has not long been without a gospel witness. God himself reveals in his word a desire for this majestic continent to receive the knowledge of the truth. We learn in the Bible of a certain Eunuch who served the Queen of Ethiopia. He was traveling from Jerusalem back to his home country. As he traveled in his chariot, he read the book of the prophet Isaiah. His heart was stirred as he learned of the man of sorrows. Isaiah continued, "He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so opened he not his mouth: In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: and who shall declare his generation? for his life is taken from the earth."


Who indeed shall declare his generation in the dark continent? The lovely Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world, who will thrust this light into the darkness? Who even has such an interest? God does - it was the desire of God's heart that a Spirit-filled preacher by the name of Philip go to this Eunuch, and beginning at the same scripture he preached unto him, Jesus! This would be the start of a long drawn out battle between light and darkness for the souls of men across this expansive landmass. Africa's spiritual condition appears just as dark today as any time before, but her heart is still as receptive as the Ethiopian Eunuch. Africans across the continent still warmly ask "How can I lest some man should guide me?" But darkness persists so long as there is a lack of light, who will go and preach to them? Who will tell them about Jesus?

The Light Of The World Is Jesus - Timeless Truths

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Plenteous Redemption
Missionary Papers: The Cross & The Culture

Behavior and Choice:

Human behavior is something people choose to do, not something that happens to them. The modern Western World lives with great conveniences. One such convenience is the ability to obscure the lines between “force” and “choice.” The unbridled ability to choose destructive lifestyles, then later claim such choices were forced by the environment, disease, happen-stance, etc. has become the societal scapegoat. We live with the costly convenience of a lack of self-control, by choice.

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Plenteous Redemption Podcast

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Plenteous Redemption

Interview With A Bible Believer: Justin Wittlin 


When I think of Justin Wittlin, I think of faithful Christian living. 

I had the tremendous blessing of sitting down with my good friend Justin Wittlin. I have often said, I don't believe it's possible to meet a better man than Justin Wittlin. The Bible says we are to be lovers of good men, and through the course of this interview, you will learn the amazing details that brought one of the best of men to the knowledge of the truth.



1. What is your name and what church do you attend? 

2. Briefly tell us about the members of your immediate family (wife, children, etc.) 


Childhood/Early Life: 

  1. Where did you grow up? 
  2. What was life like as you grew up, from childhood to teenage years?
  3. Did you grow up in a Christian home? 
    1. If not, what was the background of your early life?
  4. Throughout your childhood and teenage years, were you rebellious or obedient?
  5. You have a unique and "New Yorkish" relationship with your family, tell us a little about your parents and family background?


Adult Life:

  1. What direction did your life take after high school?
  2. You were involved quite a bit in business, how did that help you overall in life? 
  3. You and your wife Danielle were at very distant ends of the personality spectrum when you met, how did you meet her and elaborate on how different you were from each other? 
  4. You had a great experience as you began searching for truth, tell us about when you were baptized before you were saved? 



  1. At what age were you saved and how did you come to know the Lord? 
  2. You were in a unique situation with Kent Hovind after you trusted the Lord, can you tell a little about that? 
  3. How did you come across James Knox and the Bible Baptist Church?
  4. Back in tune with your faithful work ethic, you worked full time and attended the Deland School of The Bible, how did the Bible School help you? 
  5. Who in life has been your greatest influence?
  6. How does your daily life reflect your faith in Jesus Christ?
  7. What has the King James Bible meant to you in your life?


Final Questions: 

  1. What would you do differently if you could start all over?
  2. What advice would you give young people just starting the Christian life?


Funny Comparisons: 

- Call - Text 

- Book - eBook

- Email - Letter

- Driver - Passenger

- Coke - Pepsi 

- Cats - Dogs 

- Android - iOS 

- Sunrise - Sunset 

- Laundry - Dishes 

- Mornings - Nights 

- Coffee - Tea 

- Fruits - Veggies 

- Sweet - Salty 

- Mountains - Ocean 

- Africa - Asia 

- City - Country 

- Sarcastic - Serious



 From normal life as a teenager that excelled at whatsoever, he put his mind to, from a conservative business owner that stumbled upon a little light, to the prepper concerned the world would soon burn, eventually, his thirst and hunger for truth caused much light to break through the darkness.


As a result of our God's desire to give that light along with brother Justin's willingness to submit to that light, his sins were forgiven, he now has access to everlasting truth, and the body of Christ has added to its many members a faithful servant.


Thank you for listening, and God bless.


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The Deland School of The BIBLE:

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